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How to add keywords in URL


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I was wondering if it is possible to add keywords into my URL. For example, on the page that lists my leather belts looks like this website.com/category.php?id_category=3 I would really like it to have the words 'leather-belts' in their somewhere. I dont mind the category id or numbers, thats all good. Just wanting keywords in their.


Thanks alot...

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As Scotty mentions above you need to turn on your friendly url option. This can be done by going to back-office>preferences>SEO & Urls> scroll down and switch friendly url to yes. After that you need to generate a new htaccess file, this is done by going to back-office>tools>generators. Make sure there is a tick in optimisation and friendly url then click generate.


You can then specificy the friendly url of products, catgeories, using their edit page. Other page urls can be defined by going to back-ffice>preferences>seo & urls. Then edit whichever of the pages you want and change their friendly url. Note: You cannot change the url of the index page.

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