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Translation of "Translations of installed modules" sentence

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Hi, (ps

In BackOffice -> Tools -> Translations -> Modify translations -> (dropdown menu)

there is "Translations of installed modules" sentence.

But when You change Admin language this menu item is not translated.



change \admin\tabs\AdminTranslations.php and \translations\en\admin.php files

then in BackOffice update translation for Your language



in \admin\tabs\AdminTranslations.php find (line cca. 726)

'modules' => $this->l('Translations of installed modules'),


in \translations\en\admin.php find (line cca. 2914)

$_LANGADM['AdminTranslations1db04255ad87f7fe6d5bc91c74982612'] = 'Module translations';



Make both sentences equal. e.g.


'modules' => $this->l('Translations of installed modules'),



$_LANGADM['AdminTranslations1db04255ad87f7fe6d5bc91c74982612'] = 'Translations of installed modules';



in BackOffice -> Tools -> Translations -> Modify translations -> Back Office Translation

in section AdminTranslations

translate "Translations of installed modules" to Your language




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