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Multishop Google Sitemaps (native 1.8 based module)

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Some time ago I posted in the SEO forum that I wanted a way to duplicate our site content (products) by region country and as usual received great advice from the community.


I'd appreciate feedback on our MultiShop Google Sitemap's module. (based on native 1.8 google sitemap module).


What it does?


Creates one sitemap with indexed URL's for all domains defined in your MultiShop.


If for example, if your current PrestaShop sitemap has 500 indexed URL's. (product/category/cms etc), each additional domain will also have 500 indexed URL's. 3 Shop domains = 1,500 indexed URL's.


here is our seven domain sitemap link: http://www.etiendas.co/sitemap.xml


here link to our announcement thread.


Thanks in advance for your review.

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