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Questions About Google Indexing and PrestaShop


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We have an "old" ZenCart site and we want to move to Presta Shop. My boss is very concerned about Google being able to index us easily - I guess to give us as high a rank as possible in search results?


I have written redirects to place in the htaccess file which will redirect all products and important pages from our old ZenCart site to our 2012 PrestaShop site. If we re-organize and upgrade our 2012 PrestaShop site in two years, will we need to re-write all the redirects from our old old ZenCart site to the 2014 PrestaShop site? In other words, do we have to keep the redirects from our Old ZenCart site forever?


If anyone can help me with a good reference so I can understand the importance of Google to eCommerce and best practices when upgrading or changing domains, I would be ever so grateful!



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