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Compare module - variables/check boxes don't reset


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When using the 'compare' or 'product comparison' module, I've found that the check boxes don't reset themselves to 'unchecked'. For example:


1. Check 3 products for comparison in category 1

2. Go to a different category

3. Check another product for comparison, but warning message comes up that 'you can't compare more than 3 products'.


I'm assuming that simply, the variables haven't been reset, but I can't find out where/how to reset them.


Is there a known fix for this?


I'm using PS and my site is: www.infinitybas.com


Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks.


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This is the problem!!!

I was in and now in and have the same results.


Thinks are so easy, just reset the compare page (auto remove) after leave to onother page. And the remove button is useless then in the compare page.


So we need a few lines of code from prestashop team or a new version that fix this.



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I too am having this issue with 1.5.2.

I'm not sure if it's an actual problem. It seems to allow for comparison between different products in different categories.

I guess the problem is it doesn't clear itself ever. It probably should clear itself after the compare page comes up.

It kind of depends on how you look at it.


If you compare 3 products and want to change one, going back and having them checked is kind of nice. You just have to uncheck the one you don't want and pick another product.



I found that if you use the "remove" links when you are in the compare window, it does uncheck the check boxes to allow for more products to be selected.


Now I'm not so sure there is a bug here.

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yes, i think it's not an actual problem.


but, for a better user experience, do you know how to force uncheck when leaving ?

for example, is it possible to use the "remove" procedure when leaving ?

Does somebody tried to do so ? Is it a good practice ?


best regards

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Same problem here with I would prefer to have the selection be cleared when the compare screen is closed.


I tried a few things to get it to clear automatically last night and couldn't get it to work. My knowledge of this is pretty minimal though.

I actually like how the compare is working though. I want to be able to compare up to 8 products. It's nice to be able to replace just one or two without having to go through all the products again to pick ones that were already picked.

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Yes, i understand much better this feature to compare products that don't belong to the same category :)

in fact, i was just upset by the alert box "you can't add more than 3 prod..." , i just replaced the translation by adding (hit "Compare" button and use "cancel" product". Now i'm happy, users know what to do with this "issue" :)


i tried also to uncheck automaticaly :

files are :





i tried to work around CompareProduct and CompareController, without success


i need now to try with category.php ; i think it's a good "piste" :) : i mean empty sql compare_product table when landing on a category page. (there is an example of emptying the sql table : /classes/ComppareProduct.php : CompareProduct::cleanCompareProducts()


by the way, do you know how to insert a new line in the message box (\n and <br/> don't work even inside a ".." string) .

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bump have the same issue here... and dont found any solution.

I've remove the cookie (thks cookiesmanager+ for firefox) and it remove all the comparision... going to see how to unset the cookie...

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