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  1. Hello With herezatajna solution i have the price in the cart. But i have a problem. The registered customers in my shop shows products without VAT. So in the cart header i have the total price without VAT. Is it posible to have the real total price? I mean with VAT.
  2. Hello I have a ps installation and i notice that when i login in back office i have strange dns requests. 1) When i login to back office i have: dns: inquire help.prestashop.com.example.lan dns: inquire www.prestashop.com.example.lan (example.lan is my internal domain name) 2) I also have a cron job that run from a folder inside ps. Any domain (dns) request from this cron is also ends like in the No1 situation. dns: inquire www.somedomain.com.example.lan Some times everything works well, all the dns requests are without the "example.lan" at the end. But in the next second i have the same wrong requests. Any other dns requests even for prestashop front office are working fine. Please advice if you can. Thanks John
  3. Hello Lets start again! Is there a module that I would install, so that I can see which products have the most views in my backoffice? I meen all products not just those i have sold. Thanks
  4. Hi It will be very useful to work also whith user groups. Is there a workaround about this? Thanks
  5. Hi I made the changes like jhnstcks said in line 41 but all the new products have the same price. I use ps also in ie7 there is a problem Thanks
  6. Thanks a lot nemok but, why don't you just upload it in the next post? Its better that way, because i dont want to publish my mail. Thanks again
  7. Hello Same problem here, can't delete records. When i try to delete a record i have message "Tab cannot be found" and a white screen. Any advise? Thanks
  8. Whell that works for me but i've done and something more. I changed the .css file to blocknewproducts2.css and change all instances i found in the files to point to the new filename. So the problem is the filename redirections inside the files. Check that everything look in the correct file names and it will work. Or try my version! blocknewproducts2.zip
  9. Hello Translation dont work in this module. Can someone give a direction where to look for? Thanks
  10. Hello I need to change the message in product list "In stock" in a clever way just like it changes automatically in the full product page. When a product is out of stock, and i set PS to "Allow ordering out-of-stock product" then when you see products in the list it says "In Stock". But when you click on the product to see it in full description then you can see the real message that says that the product is out of stock but it can be back ordered. So if a customer order a product without a click to see the real condition of the availability, he will wait for the product and the product never come because we don't have it yet. And after a week the problems will start. How can i have automatically the real message in both views of the product? Thanks a lot.
  11. Hello I use PS In internet explorer if i put the module in the first position of the home page, then images are not there. In any other position in it works fine. In firefox and chrome everything is fine in any position. Is there a solution for this?
  12. Hello Very nice module, but one option is missing. Open in new window option. I think it is wronk to send our customers to another place, without at least leave a window open with our shop. Thanks
  13. Hello This is the problem!!! I was in and now in and have the same results. Thinks are so easy, just reset the compare page (auto remove) after leave to onother page. And the remove button is useless then in the compare page. So we need a few lines of code from prestashop team or a new version that fix this. Thanks
  14. Hello Upgrade to solved the problems, but found a new one. When i do a compare, the products are not fit in the page. The first product is in the middle of the page and the fourth product is hidden under the right column. Need a way to align compared products in the page. Can someone give some instructions? Thanks
  15. Hello I dont think this is the solution. 1)First of all when i try to compare 2 products it says "There is no product in the comparator" 2)And I tried with 10 products in preferences and have problem again. I mean that it now says "You cannot add more than 10" before that it was "You cannot add more than 3". Why it doesnt start from the beging to count in every compare? So i have 2 problems in version PS Can someone give some explanation how compare works? Thanks
  16. Hi There is no connection with the standard module COD. Try to find the correct field for the module. Bye
  17. Γειά Πολύ ωραίες οδηγίες με την πρώτη ευκαιρία θα το δοκιμάσω. Κάτι ακόμη που χρειάζομαι είναι όταν η παραγγελία είναι μικρότερη απο π.χ. 20€ να χρεώνω +2€ ακόμη και για παραλαβή απο το κατάστημα. Υπάρχει καμία συμβουλή για τέτοιο σενάριο? Ευχαριστώ
  18. Γειά Ναι θα ήθελα να μάθω πως το έκανες, και κάτι ακόμα. Εχω 2 θέματα. -Το ένα είναι να χρεώνω διαφορετικά μεταφορικά βάση ΤΚ. (ίσως είναι αυτό που έκανες) -Το δεύτερο είναι όταν η παραγγελία είναι κάτω απο π.χ. 20€ να χρεώνω +2 ευρώ, στα μεταφορικά, ακόμη και για παραλαβή απο το κατάστημα. Ισως αν μαθω τι έκανες να το προσαρμώσω στις ανάγκες μου. Ευχαριστώ
  19. Hi Finaly i found how to upload files. I'm using both modules with success in PS enjoy! cashondeliverywithfee.zip cashonpickup.zip
  20. I can upload a working version of the module but i dont know how. Give me directions how to upload files in my post and i will give it to you. It works fine in PS
  21. Hello I have a message after click on the payment method "No template found for module validation" and nothing happens after that. I have PS1.4.7.3 is there a solution? Thanks
  22. Hello Same problem here. PS Just need a direction where to look for. Thanks
  23. Hi again The problem that have is only the fields: Tax % Reduction Price Reduction % Reduction From Reduction To If i use them in the export i have a blank excel file (only the headers) Is there a solution for that problem? I'm using version 5 and PS Thanks
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