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Hello everyone I do have a question with Meta Tags. My site is not live yet so I want to know what is best way to set up the meta tags.


It's a pet store do lets say I have the dog category and I am using my defaults as the next break down such as beds, collars, food, flea & tick


well the next categories is what I need to use or what's best to use in meta tags if I am using the categories above as the default.


lets say I've under the collars, harnesses & leashes category the next category broken down will only be collars.


I am using dog collars, dog harnesses, dog leashes under default


On the next where it's broken down to just a collar category what should I be using. I mean is it ok to put dog collars into this meta tags or should I use a strong keyword into this like pet supplies, pet products and pet food since it's not a default category.


I am just wanting to know what's best to use in that 3rd category meta tags? I am pretty much new to prestashop and never saw it live so I do not know what to expect with using this program. Any help will be much appreciated. I have attached some screen shots to show


Thank you





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