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  1. If you're wanting to use a cache system I would do a lot of testing on the site itself for which software you're wanting to use such as amazon, cloudflare or memcache. I used all 3 and I have to be honest my site runs better without all 3 of these. Being memcache was the worst one I used and was a toss up with amazon and cloudflare. Cloudflare is really good if you sell world wide and only cache static pages and images on their paid service like 20. a month is what I had and offers a lot of options but it was stll causing issues with customers accounts and shipping calculations in carts, etc. Good luck
  2. Hey blueraccoon, I stopped using amazon cdn and went for cloudflare but was still with some issues so I now do not use a cache system except what comes with the software and my site runs better without it to be honest. If I were you do some testing on your site test only before launching the site because to be careful to only cache static pages and images cause it caused problems with shipping and customer log ins etc Good luck Clayton
  3. Hello yofun I would recommend using zamar dot com that should work for you. Hope this will help you in what you're needing. Good luck Clayton
  4. Hello Fra Not sure what is going on but have you tried to disable the slideshow that you may or may not have? If you do have one try to disable this in back office so you can narrow the error down. If it is the slideshow you may want to contact the developer of this module. Hopefully you can narrow it down by this method Clayton
  5. To Yotpo Team & Dave there at Yotpo I must say since getting this module to work it is really an awesome module to have on your site and will offer many great things to improve search engine rankings as well and even sends your customer a reminder to leave reviews. I am the owner of my Company and highly recommend everyone to use this module here in the Prestashop forums. If you're having trouble with it give the Yotpo team some time because they are busy and will get it to work. That's what I had to do and I can promise it's well worth the wait. They fixed all my issues I had and I am very pleased! Thank you Yotpo Team Clayton
  6. Hello CleanDev may I ask what the site address is? Maybe if you can provide this some of us here may be able to help resolve your issues
  7. I must say the Yotpo team and Dave was able to get the reviews module working after many issues but I want to thank them all for their hard work and continue to provide great customer service to their customers. T Cheers Clayton
  8. I agree with Vekia the images can be done with better quality and will make a big difference and also on the products pages you should type out that information instead of placing pictures with the writing because it is impossible to read any of that info and therefor the customer may not buy because they cannot read it. Pages load pretty good just may work on pictures and typing out your information for the products instead of loading images of other peoples writing
  9. deepee I did all of that and tried 4 different browsers and still not able to change the password. It's not a good thing that's for sure
  10. Hello I am still waiting on a resolution for the module to work on my shop. The readme file shows errors and not working at all. I sent another email yesterday and still not heard back from you all on a update. If you need access to my server I can provide this but I will surely not put that info on here. If this is dave can you please email me so I can get this fixed please. thank you CLayton
  11. Hello Maryr4277 I only want to ask what shipping module are you currently using as I have been debating on purchasing another shipping module so I am curious to which one you're having issues?
  12. Ok this is really irritating to me not able to log in while trying to click sign in link on prestashop site. I tried many times and finally able to click the link then when trying to log in my sign in didn't work so I did a forgot password and finally got the new one now the da** page won't save the password I am trying to put in.. Someone really needs to get this fixed and I also would like to know why my log in isn't working like it should especially my password. Can someone give me a true answer to this?
  13. Yes I am trying to get in touch with you all and also sent emails of my issues with this module and sent you access to my back office and I have not heard back from you all in 2 days. So can you all please get in contact with me so I can get this module to work. As of right now there's an error in back office when trying to access yotpo site
  14. Hello everyone can you all tell me the best options for these settings in 1.4.9? I am trying to see if these weights are set as default or if I need to change them Product Name Weight- 6 Reference Weight-10 Short Desrip.- 1 description-1 Category-3 Manuf.-3 Tag-4 Attribute-2 Feature-2 is this used only for shop searches?
  15. I would also be interested in knowing a price for this after I can see it function. Please let me know if this is done and where I can see it in action. Thanks Clayton
  16. Hey Jan I do not use 1.5 I am on 1.4.9 but from what I have read about the cart empty a lot on 1.5.3 version and have not dug into any causes I was just testing it to make sure it was working in chrome if you having so many issues in other browsers. Yes, I would think it's the scripts that themeforest created for the theme that is causing some of the issues. I would think they would use some or all the files changed in ways of course to make it work. I have never used themeforest themes. I just tested it again and now it's working. lol I also just tested in IE 7 and Firefox and getting same as you do now. That is strange. It would have to be in the files if the cart is working properly on the default theme so it's themeforst by what I can gather
  17. Hello Jan I also noticed even in Chrome that when adding 4 products off your home page into the cart it shows 4 products but when going to the cart summary page it's only showing 2 products on this page itself but the cart block icon shows 4 still and the amounts are different. I would tell theme forest that they need to take a better look because it's not working properly especially if the default theme works correctly.
  18. Hello Tas I would highly recommend using either templatemela dot com or templatemonster dot com both offer great support and great themes. In my opinion it's worth it and I can verify that both are ok to purchase from. Be careful because some sites could be pirated sites and selling fake themes. But with those 2 I can vouch they are ok Clayton
  19. Hello Jonj1611 I would suggest you take a look at presto-changeo dot com and look at their shipping modules which will allow you to better achieve what you want. It will allow you to calculate shipping weight and dimensions also allow free shipping on certain products, etc. Cheers Clayton
  20. Hey Prestashop I was looking over the support options that you all offer but when trying to view the support service agreements the link doesn't work at all. I even tried to right click to open in a new window and still no luck... Cheers Clayton
  21. Hello V12 You may want to take a look at this one it seems to be very popular but I cannot vouch for it only by reading what others say. http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/56689-module-fast-csv-or-xml-import-of-thousands-products-in-a-few-seconds/page__hl__csv
  22. Hello presta-dyr can you pm me a log in for a demo please so I can take a look at this module? thank you
  23. Hello weezawoo, Welcome to the forums. I am in no way a developer but I am an owner like yourself of using this software for my store. You will fist need to decide a domain name and who you want to host ( your server ) if you have a small site you can use what they call a shared server which is pretty cheap in cost then if it's a larger site and expect a high volumn of customers and a lot of data then you can get a VPS server or a dedicated server. Here is a link to show what the webhost must have on a server to run this software http://www.prestashop.com/en/system-requirements Then after you can either hire someone to help load the software who has the experience if that is needed. The software is free to the public but they make money on different modules that you can purchase to customize your shop which if you click on the addons link it will take you to that part of the site to show you the many options you can load into your shop. The software comes with many types of modules but when you get into the extras that really depends on what you're wanting to do. I hope this helps you in some way or another. Good Luck Clayton
  24. Hello everyone, I am using 1.4.9 right now and really like this version a lot. I am wanting a module or a script that will allow me to sync up to my multi distributors websites so when they update mine will as well. Does anyone know of a module or a script I can use that will allow me to use for a cron job or another way. I am wondering does store manager module have an automatic import in it?
  25. Hello jsk I would take a look at templatemela dot com for a theme which is cost a little more but they offer free upgrades and help with the themes itself with great support systems in place. I would 1st take a look on there as they do offer some in addons but will offer a better selection I think. To get great support and free upgrades is a very good option to have in place when buying a theme. They offer the language packs as well just like prestashop and compatible with prestashop modules for which version you're using. When you get a theme from them they provide their modules and also you can still use the default modules as well and if there is an issue they will help you fix the problem if it's a theme issue or it's not loaded properly. The SEO for the themes are really good based with my exp. You might want to ask yourself do you want a 1 column, 2 or 3 column site It just depends on your needs. I myself used a 3 column.
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