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Best Configuration for Prestashop SEO


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I understand how it works... But wouldn't a more specific configuration matter? What have other people done? I am very curious about this as I'm about to set this up on my site. I have 500 parts and don't want to screw up my results.


Thanks in advance!

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guys from what I have gathered. I am no expert at all but a developer explained it better to me. I use advanced top menu which is awesome and allows you to re-write your url to use keywords in them but you can have the name in the menu totally different. I have a pet store still being built


lets say dog as main the food well instead of just using food in this url I am re-writing it to say dog food in url but only food in the menu.. It's really doing to help throughout my site and allow me to write my url's the way I need them to be


From what he said use keywords in your url's and should be ok

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