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Multiple sites targeting geographic regions, same content

PrestaHeroes USA

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I've heard that google will penalize you for having more than one site if it's the same content. I don't know really how the penalize you or for what reason. And consider SEO specialist to be in the same category as black ops.


We plan on rolling out are ps with pretty much the same content targeting different countries/regions. We will probably roll it all into 1.5 stable but for now are running 1462's.


We do this mostly because we will charge different prices for products based on the country or region we want. Note: Purchasing power in some of our target countries for say a 'big mac' is significantly less affordable than say the EU or EEUU.


Appreciate any tips on how we can avoid being penalized for 'like content'. (hoping that we target a specific country by site will work).


Cheers from Medellin where it's sunny and 83 degrees.

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Google doesn't penalise you for duplicate content as such, it just filters out the duplicates in the serps and returns what it (google) considers to be the most relevant, which may not be the version you want. You can get around this by either going with country-code top-level domain names (.co.uk, .fr etc), or if you prefer to use a .com you can use geotargeting in webmaster tools to 'point' your website to your desired country. See the following link:



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