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SEO Advice needed


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When I search google this is the result for my webshop http://www.loveforrain.nl

It is displayed in the attached file.


My competitors have log display names like this :


Regenkleding Winkel, de regenpakken, regenjassen en ...




my display name is only





how can i change this my settings of index page are displayed in knipsel2.jpg





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If you go to preferences -> contact you will see the field shop name - that's where you need to put the info you want google to show for your main page. The category pages will have unique and individual names based on the page title you gave them.


As one poster above already said, you will need patience and wait until google has indexed your page again, to see the change reflect in the listing.


I would also strongly encourage you to sign up for google webmaster tools, very useful to see how your website is indexed, how many pages, what keywords and more importantly, the html suggestions that will help you remove duplicate meta titles, short descriptions, etc...

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The site position depends on many factors and relevance is I think the most important factor you should see how other sites do optimisation you can see here seomasterplace.com the example of optimised pages. Try to change the title of the page.

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