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Prestashop Module Generator

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This is a prestashop module generator. It is currently in an early stage, but it already is of a great help.

It can generate a module, register it to the hooks you select, generate module configuration HTML (getContent method), validate and save it, place a module on a seperate tab, create and display template files, assign variables, etc.

Then it creates a zip file with your module for you to download and use.


It does not create a module for you, but it can generate most of the routine that really takes a lot of time when designing a module, so you can concentrate on algorithms rather than doing that same things from one module to another.


Currently I'm looking for beta-testers, and actual module creation process is only available to them. If you would like to apply, please drop me a message.


Note that at this stage I'm only looking for experienced developers and there's only a finite beta-testers positions I can take yet in order to keep the server alive.

If you're interested, please provide some links to your previous works.

Finally, here's the link to generator, so you could see the available settings (tested in Chrome and FF, I recommend Chrome):



(yes, this is a prestashop module)

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