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SSL enable problem


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Hi All

I'm trying to setup my SSL on PS. i have entered the secure url infomation from my host into the SEO URL part of BO. but when i try to enable the SSL on the Preferences tab .. it take me to the BO login page.. if i enter my username and password it just loops back to the same page with no error warning.


(if i take out the secure url info ...i only get "The security certificate presented by this website was issued for a different website's address"..etc)


An ideas what i'm doing wrong


Using plain ver

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Hi Gkontos

i have a simple ssl from my host heart internet ...my PS was stored in a subfolder before ....i have moved it back to the root dir ...i managed to enter the ssl url into the SEO&URL tab and it now allows me to enable the ssl and to enter user name and password. this allows me to toggle the y/n for ssl enable (when set to yes the BO screen changes formats of the BO menu).... the browers switches to https:// xxxx.secure.secure.com/xxxxx.com. i can open my shop on another tab http: i can add to the cart ..........but now if i click on the cart it changes to https:/ but fails to open order.php and the same happens with login .....do i need to edit any files ...or is the problem with the ssl host................site works fine without ssl on


update - I've just disabled the friendly URL .and i now get a page up ...but just a text page ..no images or formating


latest update - Host is re-issuing the SSL will have to wait 24 hours



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Hi Gkontos

I did try a .htaccess regen an d still had the same problem ...


The problem turned out to be the SSl ..it was a shared SSL i had ordered a Full SSL but hadn't setup the admin email so i didnn't receive the agree email for the Rapid SSL ....Solved now (blanked out the domain name for SSL field) and site is working with https://

spent 3 days banging my head on the wall with shared ssl --- so well worth the extra cost of the Rapid ssl ..hope this helps others out


[sOLVED] but can't see how to edit the title text

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