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  1. You have to edit the corresponding css and tpl files and change the links to relative. Of course if you bought a template from someone it is their job to fix those issues for you.
  2. I am sorry. I though you had shell access. This is applied inside the directory(ies) you need to modify permissions.
  3. find . -type f -exec chmod 644 {} \; find . -type d -exec chmod 750 {} \; f stands for file & d stands for directory. You can always adjust the values!
  4. I was referring to files not folders. 750 is a good choice for folders.
  5. For maximum security files should be owned by root with a chmod of 644 That setting doesn't allow any changes to be made by the webserver. Of course this would mean that in order to make a change to a module from the backoffice, you would first need to give apache user write access. It sounds a bit complicated but once a shop is well established you don't really need to change the modules that often.
  6. This is a very dangerous situation because prestashop needs to modify the modules. An alternative is to have the user who is running apache own these files. But still this doesn't protect you in case your webserver gets hacked. The best option is to completely lock out access by assigning only root user privileges. However, if you do this you will not be able to modify anything from the backoffice.
  7. Hi Vilas, I would need to examine your web server log files in order to determine this. Regards, George
  8. Hi Vilas, Do you have some sort of visitor tracking tool enabled like google analytics ? If you do then this will give you an idea on what those visitors are seeing in your site. If they don't appear in google analytics then it is probably some kind of robot tool. Getting a sudden increase in traffic can certainly cause some issues in the performance of the site and the database server that is being hosted. Especially if this traffic is not legit it may often lead to DOS attacks. A DOS attack will definitely affect your host so they suspended your account. But in my opinion what they did is wrong. What they should have done instead is work with you to prevent this from happening. In order to assist further I would need to see the log files of the web server. That would give me a pattern to work with and identify who is causing this kind of behavior. If you have access to those files, both access & error logs I would be happy to analyze them for you. You can contact me via PM or through our website. Don't post any IPs in public though. What you can do now is ask your host to assist you by blocking those IPs. Best Regards, George
  9. They would have to specify during what period of time your database exceeded this amount of queries. Depending on the number of daily visits you have, this could ring an alarm.
  10. Agreed. Posting IPs on a public forum is not a good tactic unless it comes from official forum administrators regarding a known malicious network. I just think that ps2k11 didn't do this for a personal benefit, he was trying to share a personal experience. @ps2k11, Most search engines unfortunately don't respect the HTTP RFC protocol. We, for example, had to create special rules in our web application firewalls to allow google to crawl our sites! Also, if you see IPs that are not registered to major search engines crawling your site then my advice is to block them.
  11. First of all don't manually edit the php file! We have a few shops with your version and nothing needed to be changed! Go to Preferences SEO & URLS and make sure that the Shop Domain Name & Shop Domain Name for SSL is the same. Try using the force compile feature under performance And finaly regenerate your .htaccess file Best Regards, George
  12. We have noticed that many crawlers are creating ghost carts. Google does for example. Usually this is not something done on purpose. The IPs mentioned above do not have a reverse resolution. This is ussually a bad aproach from system admins. A simple whois can reveal a lot of imformation and it ussualy shows an email address contact for abuse purposes. You can always email them with your concerns. Generally speaking though we have a black list of IPs that are associated with malicius probes. Port scans has showed that most of those are zombie hosts, therefore we block them at the nerwork level.
  13. I would like to thank everyone for their responses. Best Regards, George
  14. Hi Pauline_Presta Do you see this option is the BO preferences ?
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