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With the growing fields of mobile devices, is there a push towards having this work on mobile devices like BigCommerce does? They have mobile commerce built in (i think). Too bad their plans are kind of expensive though for starting companies. MobiCart looked promissing but they have been promissing Android support for a year now (due to come out this Oct supposedly) and are shifting from being free to a paid service of roughly 15EURO ~20USD/mo unless you want just the iphone app which is free but costs something like $100 to submit the app and you have to compile it and such.

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Hi Guys,


We've just launched a new MobiCart add-on for PrestaShop. The new add-on is now featured inside our MobiCart admin panel and will now not only import your products into MobiCart, it will also push back orders from MobiCart to PrestaShop.


You can find further information in the PrestaShop forum topic below:




Thanks again,

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