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I need your help (very important)


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I need your help (very important for me)

I have following little big problem and I cant fix it by myself even if I tried more than one week and spent tents of hours with it:

I bought theme decoevo and problem is that menu with attributes is placed at right side
(Selectable parameters / attributes are at right side)

Many people are still using resolution 1024x768 pixels and problem with this theme is that if attribute menu is opened parameters are scrolled not left but right – and if I have longer attributes/parameters they are simply cutted because of this resolution. So simply customer can’t see full attribute/parameter – please see “current view.jpg” in attachment

I tried everything that I could but I’m not any extra good php coder so I don’t know what do do,, I hope you can help me.

What I want is shown in next picture in attachment “ this is what we want.jpg “

simply to change scrolling of parameters from right to left side.

I’m using newest prestashop version and css in theme is somehow different, I found there lot of tpl files instead of one CSS.

Thank you very very much my friends!



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