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Automatically put products in the parent categories?

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So today, I have realised when browsing my store, that lots of my items are not showing up correctly for sorting/filtering, as I haven't manually chosen each parent category for the models.

Here's an example hierarchy of my website's categories and a product I have:

Now a product I have, is checked for "Premium" and is the default category, and it is also checked in the category of "A380". See image:



I would assume 'Airbus' and 'Commercial' would automatically be ticked/checked when browsing the catalogue, but unfortunately this is not the case, as this is an example from my store catalogue filter-view for 'Commercial -> Airbus':





How can I easily fix this issue? To automatically assign 'Airbus' and 'Commercial' to the products, without having to do this manually, for each product, over ~300+ times?


Is there a setting I can enable to make sure my website's filtering includes the products of the parent/child categories??


Thank you for any help.

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As you can see, if I go into the Premium -> Commercial -> Airbus category, it shows correctly, as the products are in their own subcategory of "Airbus" such as "A350", "A380" etc.


I want these products to automatically show up in "Commercial" and "Airbus" though (The parent categories). Is this possible? I would of assumed these would be in this category automatically!






Commercial showing only (3) to filter, but this should be around 200.

Military is showing 96 correctly, as there are no subcategories to Military - that is the final category. 


But Commercial, goes depeer:

Commercial -> Airbus -> A350, A380, etc.

Commercial -> Boeing -> B747, B777, etc.

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