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[Free module] Customer form address and phone number validation for PrestaShop 8+


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Here is a simple module that will allow you to apply additional validation to customer address fields.


In the first version it works like this:
1. You can validate the phone number using the libphonenumber library. It's a code based on how Google validates phone numbers on Android system, so quite a fancy tool. It works this way:
 - if the phone number has a country prefix (+XX), it is validated according to the rules for prefixed country
 - if the phone number does not have a country prefix, it is validated according to rules for the selected country in the form

2. You can validate the address1 field using a given (configurable) regular expression. The default one is actually quite simple and all it does is assuring that the address contains at least two letters and a number anywhere. It's mainly to make sure your customers will not omit home number in the address. Of course it's not perfect, but address validation is a hard task, that's why you can always customize the regular expression to your needs.

The module supports PrestaShop 8+ mainly because I am using the "lite" version of the libphonenumber library, which is quite new and requires PHP 8 to run.

After installing the module, you can adjust the error messages using the standard PrestaShop translation panel.

Looking forward to your comments and tests! 🙂



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Nie działa mi nie da się zainstalować w Prestaschop :


w klasach/ ConfigurationTest.php (linia 252)

            return false;



        $dummy = rtrim($dir, '\\/') . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . uniqid();

        if (@file_put_contents($dummy, 'test')) {


            if (!$recursive) {

                return true;


        } elseif (!is_writable($dir)) {

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