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[TUTORIAL] Order by name links in footer


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Sometimes you need to sort alphabetically the links in your  store. With this trick, you can do

Edit the file LinkBlockPressenter.php located in  in  modules/ps_linklist/src/Presenter

    private function makeLinks($content, $custom_content)


        $cmsLinks = $productLinks = $staticsLinks = $customLinks = $categoryLinks = [];

        if (isset($content['cms'])) {

            $cmsLinks = $this->makeCmsLinks($content['cms']);


        if (isset($content['product'])) {

            $productLinks = $this->makeProductLinks($content['product']);


        if (isset($content['static'])) {

            $staticsLinks = $this->makeStaticLinks($content['static']);


        if (isset($content['category'])) {

            $categoryLinks = $this->makeCategoryLinks($content['category']);


        $customLinks = $this->makeCustomLinks($custom_content);

        $cmsl= array_merge(







         $positions = array_column($cmsl, 'title');

         array_multisort($positions, $cmsl);

         return  $cmsl;





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