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Payment gateway module with custom checkout Issue

Vignesh R

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Hi guys, There is a payment gateway module called razorpay along with it iam using a custom checkout. I using a custom checkout called The Checkout and this module i lost support recently and now encountering a issue now. 

The issue comes up if i enable the custom checkout afterwhich iam not able to complete a order and the below screen is shown up as error



While searching solution i found this website from razorpay forum but the discussions are abrupt and not consulsively offer solution please check out this link - 

  1. https://github.com/razorpay/razorpay-prestashop/issues/28
  2. https://github.com/razorpay/razorpay-prestashop/issues/47
  3. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/58817043/razorpay-payment-id-returns-null-in-onpaymenterror-android

Below is successful completion of order with razorpay checkout popup after the custom checkout module is disabled and while default prestashop checkout is enabled






Above is working payment gateway if default checkout is used i think the custom module is unable to send order if and the razorpay fetch id functionality by javascript is intrupted by it. I am just assuming but have clue whatso ever. Please check this out for me please my website is sanctifyyourself.com. I hope you guys will help me out again as iam stuck as usual on this too complicated for me to figure out myself😑


razaro present1.PNG

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I did install this Checkout once or twice. Fix for my with such issue was, totally remove module and payment module. next install payment module and then checkout ( clear cache in VAR folder ).

Second, even if you have lost support they should help you out either ask Razorpay support to test it.

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Hi there, Thanks for spending your valuable time to go though my problem and come up with a solution. Ok sure i will try out your method of flushing VAR cache files entire and reinstalling both the modules but if the problem still presists i will ping you back. Razorpay i really doubt there level of support for this free module actually they are more likely to blame other modules or theme for this issue anyways i will also try this option out and update you the progress. Thanks a lot once again🙂

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Hello Vignesh!

I was also facing the same issue, I have came up with a solution. Here are the steps to follow

Step 1: Enable any other payment gateway with razorpay. (I used paytm in my case)

Step 2: Hide this payment gateway option in your theme custom css.


    display: none !important;


Step 3: Save it and clear cache and see.

Your razorpay module is working.

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