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Is really Prestashop good optimize?

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We have problems with ranking on our sites, which we mainly have on Prestashop. Have started to look a little closer at this and can find flaws in the link structure that prestashop uses. Is it really SEO friendly?

I see the same mistakes in Prestashop as there were in the old prestashop, so does it feel like the SEO optimization didn't go so well?

This mainly applies to IDs found in catalogues, content pages for example. Why are these IDs there? It looks strange and I am convinced that this has a small impact on the ranking as well because the keyword will come further back in the link.

If you also go to, for example, a category page, there is an ID in the link, for example -4. If you then click on from the category page to a product that is linked to the category, suddenly there is no ID at all. This theoretically means that the link power is not transferred in the same way from the product catalog to the product itself because the link structure is different.

Or i am wrong with this ideas?

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I think that if the site is well optimized then the URL IDs of categories and products do not cause damage or problems. They do not hinder indexing.

The Prestashop version has nothing to do with SEO. You can do a good job with any version, old ones maybe require more development work, it also depends on the template.

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On 1/30/2024 at 9:20 AM, jjpljjpl said:

so does it feel like the SEO optimization didn't go so well?

A site, a shop is optimised by the SEO team/ person in charge of it.

No shop is SEO optimized because the label says so. Some shops are easier to optimize than others, you definitely need to know about positioning in search engines to make it happen.

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