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Generating orderslips(pdf) by date via URL automatically in PS 1.7


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in PS 1.6 I used for this task this URL


please can you help me get URL in PS 1.7?

i got URL by browser console, but its include some token and without it pdf don wont be generated




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this trick fill form with date and after i can get pdf by button,

this is not usable for WGET




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Hello. Yes exactly. You can't generate without the security TOKEN. 

When you use WGET or cURL you haven't access to admin controllers since you have not logged in.

I don't know how you can use that in PS1.6 cause admin controllers need TOKEN too. I guess you have a modification in PS core AdminSlipController.php or a vulnerability.
Also in 1.7 Credit slip controller is based on Symfony.

I don't know the way same to that you provided for PS 1.6 but can be made a module
case 1) bad way. Override Symfony credit slip core controller.
case 2) Make a simple module with a Front controller which generates the necessary PDF
You can ask to build this module for your in Job Offers the forum thread.

Have a good one. 

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