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Hello Prestashop Community! 

I hope this is the right place for this post - apologies in advance if not; perhaps some moderator can move it to the right section.

I usually use this forum to ask for questions and help. I thought it was time to contribute with something in return, so I recently wrote some stuff that might be useful for someone in the Prestashop world.

Description, taken from the README file:



From time to time, I need to upgrade some Prestashop sites and it is, admitedly, a tedious work.

For me it is always faster to test locally and then, once everything works as expected, upload the changes to the hosting provider.

After typing the same commands twice, I decided to automate the process a bit, so I only had to execute one command to get everything ready faster and less prone to human error.

It's far from perfect and it's not 100% automated, still it reduces the need to repeat some commands more than once, so the lazy guy in me is satisfied :-).


You can find the Prestashop Test Lab here: https://github.com/rsysadmin-com/ps_test_lab 

Contributors are more than welcome! :-) 

I hope this will save you hours of repeating tedious tasks over and over again.



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