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Is it possible to upgrade from 1.7.x.x to 8.1.2 ?


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It will definitely give you some error during the upgrade. The GDPR module (deactivate, uninstall before upgrade) causes the biggest problem. It is quite possible that the upgrade may fail because other incompatible modules will also cause the error. Can you post the error you get when upgrading?

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Thks for your anwer 

When I upgrade cli commande I have this message error :

thrown in D:\pixomaniakWebSites\modules\autoupgrade\classes\PrestashopConfiguration.php on line 90
Fatal error: Uncaught Exception: Can't find PrestaShop Version in D:\pixomaniakWebSites\modules\autoupgrade\classes\PrestashopConfiguration.php:90
Stack trace:
#0 D:\pixomaniakWebSites\modules\autoupgrade\classes\UpgradeContainer.php(202): PrestaShop\Module\AutoUpgrade\PrestashopConfiguration->getPrestaShopVersion()
#1 D:\pixomaniakWebSites\modules\autoupgrade\classes\UpgradeContainer.php(299): PrestaShop\Module\AutoUpgrade\UpgradeContainer->getProperty('version')
#2 D:\pixomaniakWebSites\modules\autoupgrade\classes\TaskRunner\Upgrade\AllUpgradeTasks.php(64): PrestaShop\Module\AutoUpgrade\UpgradeContainer->getUpgrader()
#3 D:\pixomaniakWebSites\modules\autoupgrade\cli-upgrade.php(37): PrestaShop\Module\AutoUpgrade\TaskRunner\Upgrade\AllUpgradeTasks->setOptions(Array)
#4 {main}
thrown in D:\pixomaniakWebSites\modules\autoupgrade\classes\PrestashopConfiguration.php on line 90



So it seems to be in relation with the fail of the function getPrestaShopVersion() in modules/autoupgrade/classes/PrestashopConfiguration.php

public function getPrestaShopVersion() { if (defined('_PS_VERSION_')) { return _PS_VERSION_; } $files = [ $this->psRootDir . '/config/settings.inc.php', $this->psRootDir . '/config/autoload.php', $this->psRootDir . '/app/AppKernel.php', ]; foreach ($files as $file) { if (!file_exists($file)) { continue; } $version = $this->findPrestaShopVersionInFile(file_get_contents($file)); if ($version) { return $version; } } throw new \Exception('Can\'t find PrestaShop Version'); }


I saw that after files upgrade AppKernel.php does'nt contain any more

const VERSION = '';

 so perhaps it cuases the problem ?




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This is the first time I hear about this error. Either your shops has some problems or the latest version of the autoupgrade module is defect. It might be the latter as I see two similar complaints in the Github.

You can wait for the fix, try a manual upgrade or try to upgrade to 8.0 that has its version number in the old location.



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