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Dashboard Display Issue in Back Office ( SOLVED )


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Hello everyone,

I hope you are doing well. I am currently facing an issue on my PrestaShop store, and I'm seeking your expertise to help me resolve it.

Presently, the dashboard in my Back Office is not displaying. I am unable to identify the source of the problem or resolve it on my own.

If anyone has encountered a similar situation or has suggestions on how to fix this display issue, I would greatly appreciate your assistance.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and advice.



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il y a 11 minutes, ComGrafPL a dit :

Is it after update or clean installation?

Yes, actually I had done an update and I had installed several modules to test them after I deleted them, I don't remember which modules they were. I couldn't tell when it happened after the update or after testing the modules.

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il y a 3 minutes, ComGrafPL a dit :

Is it problem gone with dashboard? If yes / no, why ps_edition_basic is affecting you?

After installing the ps_edition_basic module, the problem with the back office is solved. I want to remove the module because I want to use the normal prestashop back office and not the lite version of BO offered by the ps_edition_basic module. 

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il y a 10 minutes, ComGrafPL a dit :

Well, you did install basic edition. So probably is somehow bounded. You can always change visual in css. Like colors etc. Either install normal version or try to deal with hooks error.

Thank you for your support and your time. I'll see if I can find a solution.

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Same here.

I have upgraded my PS from to 1.7 and then to the latest version 8.1.6

When i disable Ps_edition_basic module, the Dashboard link disappears from admin menu.

When i go to /index.php?controller=AdminDashboard the dashboard displays but its link is not showing in the admin menu.

Anybody knows the solution?

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I solved it this way, follow these steps:


1. uninstall the edition_basic module

2. via ftp go to the modules folder and check that the ps_edition_basic folder is not there, if there is, delete it

3. go to the root folder of your project and then to var/cache and delete the prod and dev folders

4. go to your db ps_tab and ps_tab_lang, generally the Control Panel item is id 1 (check on ps_tab_lang), in the ps_tab table for the AdminDashboard classname set id_parent and position to 0


this is the right way

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