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Webservice Authentication - PrestaShop hosted


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I'm trying to test out Presta's webservices to validate if presta is viable for my shop. I've signed up for the trial so the site is hosted by presta.

I've made a new webservice key and given it the permissions I think it needs. When i go to test the webservice endpoint it asks me to login, I input the newly created key as the Username but it doesnt accept it, I have tried in postman as well which also returns a 401 so its not my browser.

I've looked at the documentation and its says it should just work, I've looked around the different config pages but can't see anything that would change this so i'm somewhat lost on how to authenticate to the API. Any help would be greatly received.


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I followed your videos before but its simply not working i've emaild prestashop support and they say "Surely something must be going wrong, please contact one of our experts in charge of such issues" which isnt very useful... below is the video of what im getting



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