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Google not displaying meta data for index of website


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Two pages on the sitemap were finally crawled, one is the actual index page. Yay.

However, when performing a search for "tilliums" in google I get the below result.


This is a little confusing.  It does not appear to have the meta data shown in the SEO section of PrestaShop.


Any help would be great.


I just got the screaming frog SEO spider (free version) to check it against google.  I have 59 pages not indexed that, imho, should be indexed because they are products or categories.    2 pages were indexed, the index page and one product page.  I'm not sure why one product page is indexed but the rest are not.

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You can check the list of pages indexed by Google on search results using the below query. Attached screenshot for your reference.

site:https://www.tilliums.com or site:www.tilliums.com

Sometimes based on search keywords or cache of search pages or their algorithm they show different content in the description area.

You can try my schema module to send meta descriptions in schema JSON format to Google or the indexing module for better indexing and ranking.





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