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How to restrict international shipping for specific items in Prestashop store?

Jay C

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I have two items in my Prestashop store that I don't want to make available for international shipping. They should only be available for domestic shipping. All other items are available for domestic and international shipping. I don't see any options in the backend to be able to do this and separate those two items. Nor a way to specify the country they are available to. Does anyone know how to accomplish this?

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1 hour ago, juanrojas said:

Hello, you could achieve this by selecting the carrier within the product in question

I can see adding two different carriers. One that only those items uses and another that all other items use. However, when an item from both groups are in the same cart, it shows both carriers. And I don't see any way to add conditions or rules to a cart or any way around it.

Any ideas?

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