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[Free Module] Revws - Product Reviews


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Revws - Product Reviews


Product reviews are very important tool to increase customers trust. This free review module will add review capabilities to your prestashop store.

This module is one of the most complete reviews solution. It will let you manage your product reviews with ease.

  • module supports both customer and guest reviews.
  • review moderation function will ensure only appropriate content
  • email notifications - module will inform you about new reviews
  • you can reply to reviews
  • you can ask your customers to review different aspects of your products.
  • you can have different review criteria for different products.
  • theming options - you don’t have to use standard star symbol anymore, why not use, for example, heart?
  • module emits rich snippets into product page. This will highlight your products in google search results
  • customers can edit or delete their reviews
  • voting and report abuse buttons will help you detect fake reviews or spam
  • Customers can attach images to reviews to show how they used the product
  • comprehensive settings - you can tweak almost anything. Without the need to change code.
  • and more


If you need more functionality, you can also upgrade to premium version. That will unlock many more features, including store reviews and email automation.

Download: latest version: revws-1_3_0.zip

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1 hour ago, P i l o u said:


Thanks for the update.

How to correct Invalid object type for field "author" in Rich Results Test please ?

That's been fixed in this version. "author" has now correct itemscope


You have to wait for google to reindex your pages so this change is reflected in your console

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I've accidently stumbled upon this module while looking for better review module than we are using now and damn, as for free module it's awesome - great looking, well made with a lot of options, I would like all modules to be like Revws!

I've pitched my boss idea to go premium on this one and we'll probably will.

Meantime I have little problem - I can't translate "Quality" as shown on screenshots, can you help me with this one?



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I used the free version 1.2.2 and it worked very well, but after I updated to 1.3.0 the css settings are not implemented correctly. The stars are not aligned in the review form or in the category page
I am using ps
please help.

Thank you.




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@DataKick I wanted to change the order of displayed information in the item.tpl file.
Unfortunately, the changes appear on the website for a fraction of a second and then return to their original appearance. I cleared the cache, but there were no changes. Why is this happening? How can I edit this file?

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I am using the free version 1.3.0 and I have noticed that “Reviews” appears twice in the product view. Once in block letters, as intended by the theme, and once written normally. The second link does not lead anywhere and does not open another window.

I can't find the corresponding code in any file to remove the second, highlighted link.


When I click on the “Reviews” menu item written in block letters, a separate window opens and a second button appears under the existing “Write your first review!” button. Both buttons open the window for writing a review.

When I hover over the buttons, they suddenly turn black. I would like to change this.



In addition, the item “Rating: Write your first rating” has been moved to the right-hand side of the item description. This looks somehow strange.


Does anyone know these problems and have a solution? Or can someone help me with this?


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