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  1. Abandon cart export 502 error

    You need to find out where the problem is, http 502 means nothing. Look into your server's error log to find out error message. Once you know that, we can help you more.
  2. [Solucionado] Mail bug?

    What type of email configuration are you using? Sendmail or smtp? If you are using sendmail, than there's a big chance that your email just end up in spam filter, or will be rejected completely. Unless you know what you are doing and you have set up SPF and/or DKIM properly... SMTP is probably your better option...
  3. [Free Module] Revws - Product Reviews

    No, you are mistaken. This is free module, no expiration date whatsoever. I host this module on my website that is NOT dedicated to this free module. Any information you found on my website are related to my import/export module, which indeed has 14-day free trial period.
  4. Prestashop 1.6 ou 1.7 ?

    I don't think ps16 will just cease to exists anytime soon... there is already a very active fork of this platform dedicated to keep this alive. Prestashop (meaning company) may have moved on to 1.7, but that doesn't mean that community moved as well. After all, it's an open source
  5. Module already installed message

    That is strange indeed. It really sounds like there's something wrong with your system. At the moment I can offer you only following solutions (hopefully it will work): 1) open module list and find your module 2) right click mouse on install button, and select copy link url 3) paste the copied link to url bar, and replace 'install' with 'uninstall', and hit enter That should trigger uninstall process...
  6. Module already installed message

    You always have to click on 'uninstall' before deleting module folder. So, upload module again. It should appear in your installed modules. Uninstall / reset module and you are good to go.
  7. @selectshop - since @LauraPresta requested additional information about this use case, I don't think he deems this problem solved. And yes, my response was an advertising, like every other post in this forum. But it is related to the question, and it shows another ways to solve this problem, so I don't know why you need to be waspish about it.
  8. Google Rich Cards for Products Problem

    Developer might be right. Your theme already emits microdata (and not all of them valid). You have added a new module that emits yet another microdata, in addition to what there was already. Your page now contained two sets of microdata (which were redundant. to some point). And google really don't like that. That's probably the reason why number of errors raised so significantly. Google just complained there is too much noise... That module is probably designed to be used with templates that don't emit structured data themselves. So, if you modify your template to NOT emit microdata, the module might work just fine... I don't know this module, so no guarantee. Alternatively, you can ditch the module and fix microdata in your template template, if you know how to do that. If you don't, you can always hire someone to do it for you. But since freelances charge anything between $30-$150/hour, and this will take a few hours at least, you could also consider the offer module developer gave you.
  9. [Free Module] Revws - Product Reviews

    Another version 1.0.3 released, this one fixes couple of bugs
  10. Great, happy to hear that. Thank you for reporting this issue!
  11. @akrom / @Soyons zen could you please new version (make sure you clean ps and browser cache)
  12. Can you share your domain url? Also, what browser do you use?
  13. could you PM me your shop address, so I can have a look?
  14. @mr_absinthe I've fixed this and published new version 1.0.8