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  1. Indeed measures work with numbers only. In database, measure values are stored inside decimal(20,6) field. You can make it work with varchar field to some extend by creating smart sql queries that converts string values to numerical values. If the values are known upfront, you can use case expression: select t.name, ( case when t.name = 'Shipped' then 1 when t.name = 'Delivered' then 2 when t.name = 'Canceled' then 3 when t.name = 'Refunded' then 4 else 0 end ) as val from tablename as t; +-----------+-----+ | name | val | +-----------+-----+ | Shipped | 1 | | Delivered | 2 | | Canceled | 3 | | Refunded | 4 | +-----------+-----+
  2. That wouldn't work right with the multiple review criteria. Also, I very much dislike the idea of coercing users to giving high ratings. User should be asked to leave the review, not presented with pre-filled form. Actually, that could be against EU customer protection laws. I will not implement such 'feature' in my module, and will not help you implement it yourself
  3. That doesn't look like something revws module could cause directly. You will need to look into server's log to find out where the problem is. Also, try to enable debug mode.
  4. The module can't display partial stars yet, 4.5 is therefore rounded to 5.
  5. Check that you have this enabled in module settings. This button is displayed only when this feature is enabled, and visitor is the author of the review (based on id_customer / id_guest)
  6. I have recently checked and my module works on vanilla ps without any issues. A lot of other users confirmed this as well. If it doesn't work on your site, then maybe the issue is on your side. You might have installed some module that prevents this one to work correctly. I know for a fact that some friendly-url modules can cause such issues. Also some caching modules can intervene / bypass the module hook entirely.
  7. I've just tested the module on clean installation of and it works fine. I was able to log in as customer, and completed order without any issue.
  8. For me, PageSpeed score is just an arbitrary number, and I don't chase that. I believe in providing value to my customers. And reviews provide exactly that. Maybe it takes 0.2 seconds longer to load my site because of that. But my visitors love to read reviews, it's a great convincer for them to do complete the sale. My site place higher in search results because of all the free, and relevant, content. The content I didn't have to write myself because my customers provided it for free. I also like to see the average ratings / stars in search result page.
  9. Revws javascript is NOT part of initial page load. There is only a very small js file called revws_bootstrap.js that is part of initial page html. This bootstrap code dynamically adds another javascript file to the page, but it instruct browser that this new js must be loaded asynchronously, and only after the page is fully rendered. You can see here: https://github.com/getdatakick/revws/blob/6a0b97ce70b68b2cd7bcb85c740dcee67fd2104b/php/views/js/revws_bootstrap.js#L6-L11 Which means that the revws module javascript have MINIMAL effect on page load time, and render time. Your visitors already see your page before the revws javascript is even downloaded.
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