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[SOLVED] PrestaShop Checkout can't Connect PayPal account


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I made a fresh install of Prestashop 8.0.1. Now I'm seting up Prestashop Checkout Module.

The first step "Associoate PrestaShop account" is made but I'm having preoblems to connect the PayPal account.

The paypal is connected but says "Please confirm your email address on https://www.paypal.com/businessprofile/settings in order to receive payments! You currently cannot receive payments."

If I set up in a prestashop 1.7 don't happen and my PayPal account is verified of course.


Any idea how to solve this.



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28 minutes ago, Somulti said:

Same problem for me. Allow me to revive the topic. Did you get any response from support or anything else for this issue?


I didn't got any answer and something similar happened with PayPal module.

Actually installing and using PrestaShop 8.0 is not recomended.

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26 minutes ago, DevUgur said:


We have same problem. Tried almost everything for fix but no solution. Our mail is verified. 

Sems a problem compatibility between the PrestaShop 8 version and the module. They say it's compatible but I think they didn't adapted the module.

Hope they go through some compatibility problems.

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Hello everyone,

I installed PS 8.0.1 three days ago and had the same problem.
Finally, it works after I reactivate the Paypal module (also configured).
If this can help you :)

But I don't know for you, it is impossible to upgrade the module to version 3.0.2.
Someone succeded to do it ?

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After working on it multiple times and debugging, my company (4eck-Media) and I finally figured out that the issue was related to the 'EU Cookie Law' module. We were able to resolve the problem by disabling it.

The 'EU Cookie Law' module generates an error if no User-Agent is set. However, the Prestashop checkout module does not set a User-Agent, causing the error to occur.

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  • YamiGhor changed the title to [SOLVED] PrestaShop Checkout can't Connect PayPal account

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