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Redirect Loop on "my account" page [SOLVED]


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Hey everyone! 👋

BaseURL : https://jab-design.fr
IssueURL : https://jab-design.fr/compte
BouncingURL : https://jab-design.fr/connexion?back=my-account
Prestashop : v1.7.8.7
Host Service : LWS

First of all, please bear with me if i fail to communicate properly, english isn't my native language so there might be some mistakes here and there.

I am trying to help a customer out on several issues he's been encountering on his shop since another freelance "made a mess and ghosted him out of the blue", and i have been hitting a wall for the bigger part of the day on the last one remaining (probably the most important one though) : a 302 redirect loop on the "my account" page (and, sometimes, it also seems to happen on the login page).

I am just starting out helping people with their prestashop adventures, so it is most likely some obvious thing i just failed to find during my thorough researches. Please, feel free to hit me hard if that is the case !

Also, please note that :
 -> for some people or in rare occasions it seems to work as intended, somehow.
 -> when i hit the redirect browser error, i can actually go right through it by force refreshing (CTRL F5)

What i have tried so far, without success :

- Searched through most of the topics i was able to find on the internet that were close enough to my problem (most of them were outdated).
- Cleared the cache from BO, and turned off every cache-related setting for the time i was troubleshooting (settings are back on at the moment).
- Regenerated .htaccess file through manuel delete and toggling on/off the Friendly URLs.
- Deactivated all modules.
- Scanned with redirect-checker to discover the redirecting urls
- Digged through files, one at a time, among classes & controllers to try and find something relevant.
- Tried Eolia's cleaner.php script found earlier on this very forum, sadly got a memory limit error preventing me from using it.

I am litteraly clueless on this situation, i figured it was time to bring the bigger guns on this matter.
Please, save me ☺️

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2 hours ago, ComGrafPL said:

Maybe there is not enough server space. Try to increase.

Have you tried this?: https://www.prestasoo.com/blog/prestashop-too-many-redirects

It is one of the first links i've visited during my extensive research journey.
Being on an Apache server with .htaccess files, i've checked my SEO & URL's parameters, and everything seems right.
I also used a redirect checker, which printed me the loop.

The only thing i didn't try from this article, is the 79€ redirection module.

As for server space, only 1% is currently used :(

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  • c0dex changed the title to Redirect Loop on "my account" page [SOLVED]

Update : I finally found, with some help, that this loop came from a SSL conflict somewhere in between SSL related entities. I ended up removing one of these entities and the problem was immediately gone.

Thanks for your time 👋

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