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Goodle Shop Ads problem

SIPL Online

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Hi all, i am in the process of setting my new Web store with Prestashop and hit a wall when i did the Marketing phase with Google Ads. Almost all of my Ads are being rejected for three main reason Unavailable mobile landing page and Invalid value for category [price] and Invalid value for category [sale price]. I have absolutely no clue where to start searching because all my price are all set on the product and i really don't know where to set the mobile link.

Il someone could give me something to start with i would really appreciate it.

Thanks for uour help.

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On 11/4/2022 at 9:25 AM, SIPL Online said:

Yes and they respond back that always with this  "Account suspended due to policy violation: Misrepresentation". I asked a review yesterday and same result.

What was the last Ads you got suspended? Do you violate their account policy?

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