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Prestashop frontoffice too slow - Js or DB issues


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good morning
my prestashop 1.7 shop has always worked correctly, with fairly fast loading times.
Now, for a week now, the store has been incredibly slow.
It also takes 18 seconds to load a page.
I have correctly configured the cache and the various settings.
I reduced all the images and checked the console and database.

Upon inspection I noticed this Javascript error: 


h1-main.js:16          POST https://o197999.ingest.sentry.io/api/6008007/envelope/?sentry_key=3b4bb33e1dfc432c9ccd9f9ce5a4bd25&sentry_version=7 429
me @ h1-main.js:16
e._flushOutcomes @ h1-main.js:16
(anonimo) @ h1-main.js:16

And this advice: 


"Failed to load source map in DevTools: Failed to load content for https://www.labelbike.it/themes/core.js.map: Loading canceled due to a timeout."

From the database I noticed that the ps_layered_price_index table weighs 156.1 MiB

These two are the only "Strange" things I've noticed.

I can provide you with the link to my shop privately, so maybe you can get an idea of the problem.

Any contribution would be incredibly useful for me and the community.

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