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Accordion menu not opening in "Manage your product combinations " in the backend


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I am having a problem in my prestashop backend since I upgraded to  

In the backend I go to:

Catalog -->  Product  then I select a product to work on its combinations

I then select the combination tab.

At this point, I would like to specify size, color or Dimension, but when I click these options,  the accordion menu opens and closes immediately preventing me from clicking any option.

It was functional before I upgraded to release

the store is on a shared server  with PHP 7.3,  and I am using the default theme from prestashop.


I wonder if my problem is related to my specific configuration or something related to ver

Can anyone validate that this behaviour can be reproduced????



I included a screen shot for better clarity




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thanks for guiding my onto investigating this behavior I am experiencing.

I followed your instruction and as you were expecting,  the console reports an error:   Error status code 404 ERR_HTTP_RESPONSE_CODE_FAILURE

see screen shot below.

I am not sure where do I go from here...

Marc L


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Investigating further the problem,   the page is refering to the following site




and this file doesn't exist on the server.      I finally found the same problem reported back in february in the french section of the forum 

Here is the link


I hope someone can help us find how to resolve this issue....







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the warning related to .css.map file should not cause this issue.

I suspect that you have activated or installed some product related module which can prevent in some cases the functionality of the attributes dropdown.

Is the Bulk actions dropdown working, or that one has also issue on this BO product edit page?

You can also try to create a new Backoffice employee with superadmin permissions and check with that employee if the issue is stil present for that one too.

Have a nice day, Leo.

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  • 1 month later...

Hi thanks for your reply,

I got struck with other emergecies and your response went unoticed, so my apologies for that.   Here is where it stand.

I made a working copy of my shop to another web hosting service to be able to work without breaking anything.   I upgraded to, this time using the step by step manual process to see if there were any problem or issues.    After the update,  I still have the problem,

I am myself using the superadmin account to access the back office.  So that covers one suggestion.

Clicking on the bulk action selector I have the same behaviour, the accordion menu opens and close immediately. 

I also tried the same exercise with:
Disable non Prestashop modules
Disable all overrides
Debug mode                                       all set to Yes...

I am getting the same results...

Not sure where to go next ?




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Hi Everyone,

Back to this issue and Still struggling with it.  I hoped that moving to would have solved the issue.... unfortunately not.

If someone can help, I am trying to find the "modules/directory/group of files" that are involved with the accordion menu management in the combination menu.  That way  I could try to migrate to and then try to override such files with the one from that are behaving appropriately.

I have a test environment set up so I will be possible for my to try it to see if I can resolve it? 

Anyone know which part of the code is involved in this above?




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  • 3 weeks later...

After trying every possibilities,  I decided to go the "reinstall way"

After I did the update to prestashop, with no success,  I backed up the database, and did a fresh install of   After the install,  I reloaded the database into the environment.  Everything looked ok. The accordion menu were now working ok and the app seemed in good shape.  I proceed to reinstall all additional modules one by one, checking for my accordion menu after every module install and completed the job.

Store is now on and everything looks ok.  All of this is suspected to come from the one click upgrade.  I thinks I will stay away from this in the next prestashop upgrade....


From my part,  this issue is closed





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