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Send purchase value and currency after external payment


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I have a PrestaShop Facebook module installed on my site in order to track diffrent events. However, I have a problem with the purchase event. I use an external payment gateway (Przelewy24) which, after successful  payment redirects to a page that displays a message about the correct payment but without order summary.

As a result, I get information about the purchase in the facebook event manager but without the value and currency. I suppose you have to modify payment_successful.tpl and paymentSuccessful.php. Thank you in advanced for any kind of help.

Here is a link to payment module which I use and code of paymentSuccessful.php

 * Class przelewy24paymentSuccessfulModuleFrontController
 * @author Przelewy24
 * @copyright Przelewy24
 * @license https://www.gnu.org/licenses/lgpl-3.0.en.html

 * Class Przelewy24paymentSuccessfulModuleFrontController
class Przelewy24paymentSuccessfulModuleFrontController extends ModuleFrontController

     * Initializes front controller: sets smarty variables,
     * class properties, redirects depending on context, etc.
     * @throws PrestaShopException
    public function init()

        return parent::init();

     * Init content.
    public function initContent()

                'logo_url' => $this->module->getPathUri() . 'views/img/logo.png',
                'home_url' => _PS_BASE_URL_,
                'urls' => $this->getTemplateVarUrls(),
                'id_order' => $this->id_order,



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