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  1. Thank you for your reply. Default products sort order is set in BO to Product Name. It can be change in category page using dropdown menu but there is no option to sort by link_rewrite. Module ps_facetedsearch is active in our store. Can you guide me what I need to change?
  2. Hey guys, in my client's shop there are many products with similar names. Sometimes difference is in the third or fourth word. Sometimes these different parts of the names are in quotes or apostrophes and here is the problem. How to set alphabetical product sorting to ignore quotes and apostrophes in product names? Example Default sorting by names: 1. Product 'Delta' 2. Product Alpha 3. Product Beta 4. Product Gamma Should be: 1. Product Alpha 2. Product Beta 3. Product Gamma 4. Product 'Delta' Anyone knows how to fix this?
  3. Hey guys, any idea how to display product features in cart summary? {foreach from=$product.grouped_features item=feature} <dt class="name {$feature.name}"><span>{$feature.name}</span></dt> <dd class="value">{$feature.value|escape:'htmlall'|nl2br nofilter}</dd> {/foreach} Above code works only in product lists. In cart summary it returns nothing. I would like to add features here: /themes/classic/templates/checkout/_partials/cart-detailed-product-line.tpl Anyone can help?
  4. Hi, In Prestashop works almost perfect. Just needed to move following code <div class="cart-summary-line" id="cart-subtotal-shipping"> <span class="label">Total Weight</span> <span class="value">{$cart.total_weight|string_format:"%.2f"} {Configuration::get('PS_WEIGHT_UNIT')}</span> </div> </div> after {block name='cart_summary_totals'} {include file='checkout/_partials/cart-summary-totals.tpl' cart=$cart} {/block} because it was duplicating cart total everytime I changed items quantity. Any idea how to display total weight in order-confirmation.tpl? Above solution displays value 0.
  5. Hello, how can I change contact form subjects order? Now it's sorted alphabetically by subject names. I would like to sort subjects by ID in ascending order. I use Prestashop Here is the code from contactform.tpl <div class="form-group row"> <label class="col-md-3 form-control-label">{l s='Subject' d='Shop.Forms.Labels'}</label> <div class="col-md-9 col-lg-6"> <select name="id_contact" class="form-control form-control-select"> {foreach from=$contact.contacts item=contact_elt} <option value="{$contact_elt.id_contact}">{$contact_elt.name}</option> {/foreach} </select> </div> </div> Please help.
  6. OK, it looks like I found a solution. I've compared database tables structure from a clean Prestashop and my shop and found some differences in table ps_order_detail. I've altered table structure in my database to look exact as it is in clean PS and it worked.
  7. Hi, I tried other payment methods and different products. Still the same. Only one product is displayed - the last one added to the order. Problem is not only in BO. When i place order as a customer, after checkout in order summary there is also one product visible. Any other ideas where to look or try?
  8. Hello, the problem with my Prestashop 1.7 is not showing ordered products in order details. When order is placed by customer I can see only one product in order details in BO. Customers also can see only one product when they display their Orders history and it's impossible to send return request (field where you write product quantity to be returned is inactive). When I check the card connected to the order everything seems to be fine. About 2 weeks ago, when I made tests, everything was OK. I have noticed problem today. After many trials I failed to find solution. I also tried upgrading from Prestashop to, but it's still the same. Debug mode shows no errors. I attach screenshots. Any ideas? Please help! Order details: Shopping cart:
  9. Sorry, it seems that ShipToPay module worked also in Prestashop 1.6.
  10. Hello, is there any way to set shipping cost depending on payment method or alternatively set payment method to a specific delivery method in Prestashop 1.6? In Prestashop 1.5.x, module Ship To Pay did the job. Please help!
  11. After few hours of searching I have found solution that has worked for me on Presta 1.5.2. In classes/Cart.php find: // Select carrier tax if ($use_tax && !Tax::excludeTaxeOption()) $carrier_tax = $carrier->getTaxesRate(new Address((int)$address_id)); and replace with: // Select carrier tax if ($use_tax && !Tax::excludeTaxeOption()) { $address = Address::initialize((int)$address_id); $carrier_tax = $carrier->getTaxesRate($address); } After this change the shipping cost for unlogged is shown with tax included.
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