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My site is broken

Nathalie W

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Hi guys

Yesterday i changed the amount of days a product should be considered as new. I just added 60 and pressed save. After that my site is not usable anymore.

My site is: https://rcdelar.se

So, the site is like a "flat image", which means, nothing is clickable. All graphics are there and CSS seems to work. But, only product image is visible. All thumbnails etc are just blank. 

Can't click categories, mega menu, dropdown etc.


Please, what could have happened. What can i do to investigate? I've activated debug mode, but i get no errors in the FO or BO.

Well, i got errors with PHP7.3 and when i changed to PHP7.2 the errors disappeared but the site is still "like a flat image"


Many thanks in advance

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1 minute ago, ndiaga said:


I  see   some  links   are  clickables   and   some  others   are  not.

It   maybe  related   to  the  theme.

Try  the  classic   one  just   to   see.

Is there a risk to "break" my theme or modules etc if i just switch theme front and back. I've never done that in PS. In woocommerce it totally brakes everything...

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11 minutes ago, ndiaga said:

No, it  is  not  a big  issue.

You  will  just  reuse  the  same  configuration   .

I'v tried that and the links seems to work. It looks like its some Java issue. When i disable "Smart Cache For JavaScript" the site seems to work...

Any ideas?

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Ok, problem solved. Seems to be a hacker attack of some sort!

The issue was that in my themes/MYTHEME/assets/js/custom.js i had this line of code:

Note: i could not share the whole line of code cause Prestashop.com blocked me! I wonder what this line of code really is...

The code had some "defer" and "script" and a website with "t.adii.se" in it

That line alone make my whole shop freeze! Hope this can help anyone else.

I just deleted that code and left the custom.js file empty, as it was from the beginning.

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