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Canonical URL has no incoming internal links


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Hello to the community. I have prestashop and classic rocket theme.

Running a test in ahrefs it gives me the error ''Canonical URL has no incoming internal links''

After searching i found that the url of the products that have combinations actually do not have internal links to parent url but isnt this supposed to be fixed in 1.7.6 or maybe not?

Do i have to set something?

Thanks for any help!

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Hi @Thomas


I suppose you're referring to orphan pages. Runa n SEO internal linking check and see which pages have no incoming link pointing towards them. See than Google Search Console and check if the examples showed are not colliding with the orphan pages. 

I encourage you to test and make your site better from SEO perspective. Nobody will do such rigorous job, than you'll do for yourself.  Important is always to ask - and there are no stupid questions. Don't worry the community is there to help, and keep progressing. Everybody has been a beginner once ;) I've been doing SEO from 2001 and been on MOZ when they launched, but never throw shit to beginners;) 

One of the best affordable tool for you would be the Screaming Frog as it's not expensive and will do the job for you. 

Again, don't give up search the truth, and always test test and test.... that's how you'll become better. 

I hope I could help, and good luck with your journey. 



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