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VAT and languages...

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Good afternoon people,

I need your help with my beginner doubts, so here's the thing:

1 - Without affecting SEO, I need the client when typing domain.com to ask which language he wants to use, such as when opening domain.es, fr, it, .be, etc. to confirm the country, like in www.nespresso.com, can you tell me how to do it?

2 - A product that is priced at €121 with VAT included at 21% in Spain, may have a rate of 5.5% in France or 25% in Sweden, can you tell me the best solution so as not to be harmed? When I say the best solution is in the sense that my base value is always the 100€ of the node, without compromising my profit. This EU tax rule in charging the VAT rate based on the country of destination is messing everything up, so your help would be essential.

would appreciate the help

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