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Hello everyone, I am faced with a problem.


Before bringing my site into production, I had redirect enabled on 302. Now that I've gone online, I've set my shop to 301.
Until before modifying this parameter I was using friendly urls. However once I changed from 302 to 301 my website was no longer able to find the links and always returned page not found.
By disabling the short urls, everything seems to work again. Anyone have any idea why this is happening?

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50 minutes ago, corrigerunbug said:


Did you refresh your htaccess file ? 
Do you have any SEO module installed ? 

I initially deleted the .htaccess file via ftp and then regenerated it. I currently have no SEO modules installed

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59 minutes ago, PrestaServicePro said:

Follow the below steps and maybe it can help you:

1) turn off friendly url
2) rename .htaccess
3) clear cache of shop
4) turn on friendly url

And check again 

I tried your solution.
I disabled the friendly urls, deleted the .htaccess file, cleared the cache, but nothing. Now I am noticing among other things that prestashop gives me this warning:

"URL rewrite (mod_rewrite) is not active on the server or the server configuration cannot be verified. If you want to use understandable URLs, you need to enable this mod."

But if it was a server problem, how is it possible that until recently it worked?

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