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how to get only the value of an array PHP prestashop 1.7


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I have this code for counting product attributes 

$getProductAttributes = Db::getInstance()->executeS('SELECT COUNT(id_product_attribute) FROM '._DB_PREFIX_.'product_attribute WHERE id_product = '.$id_product.'');



and is printing this  Array ( [0] => Array ( [COUNT(id_product_attribute)] => 90 ) )

how can i get only the value 90?


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It should be like this,

$getProductAttributes = Db::getInstance()->executeS('SELECT COUNT(id_product_attribute) FROM `'._DB_PREFIX_.'product_attribute` WHERE id_product='.(int)$id_product);
print_r($getProductAttributes, true);

then get the value from array.

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Don't use executeS but getValue


$getProductAttributes = Db::getInstance()->getValue ('SELECT COUNT(id_product_attribute) FROM '._DB_PREFIX_.'product_attribute WHERE id_product = '.(int)$id_product);

and then $getProductAttributes  = 90

for security, don't forget (int) before $id_product

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