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SOLVED - Minimum order total for Referral Program


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Hello everyone,

I'm working with pretashop 1.6 version and i've installed the native referral program that comes in.
I want to add a little feature to that module.
In backoffice configuration i wanna add a field to set the minimum order total without shipping.
- a customer can invite 5 friends to register in my shop.
- each friend that register won a 5 euros voucher in orders above 50 euros.
If this is hard maybe hardcoded is possible (put the always in somewhere the 50 euros minimum)...

Can someone give some lights?


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My solution for this was edit classes/CartRule.php line +- 686
Add this code

//START - apply this to orders above 50 euros
		$sql = "select name from ps_cart_rule_lang where id_lang = 1 and id_cart_rule = ".$this->id;
        $txt = Db::getInstance()->getValue($sql);
        if ($cartTotal < 50 && $txt == 'the name of voucher created') {
            return (!$display_error) ? false : Tools::displayError('You have not reached the minimum amount required to use this voucher');

So if the voucher name is the name of the voucher created and the total of cart is under 50 euros the sistem will show the message.

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