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I read through the forums and found a bit of confusing information.

I am using

I just want to remove the sitemap from the blockpermanentlinks and add a couple of images with links to 3rd party websites like facebook and twitter.

I changed blockpermanentlinks-header.tpl that didn't work I tried the non-header tpl... that didn't work. I even changed the permanentlinks.tpl in the css/modues/blockpermanentlinks and that didn't work!

Can someone help me on where I must change to alter the home page... I couldn't even just change the order of the contact/sitemap/bookmark.

Thanks in advance.
Infinite Experiences (InfiniteExperiences.com)

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To all who experience the same thing as me...

You have to FORCE COMPILE under Preferences in the PERFORMANCE tab.

The final thing I needed but never found until more and more searching on what might be unknown to others.

Great Software


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I only have one final question to this problem...

Is there any way to add a hover to the bookmark selection? My coding skills are rusty.

If you don't know where that is... here is the selection of the tpl it is in.

[removed]writeBookmarkLink('{$come_from}', '{$meta_title|addslashes|addslashes}', '{l s='Bookmark' mod='blockpermanentlinks'}');[removed]

Not sure how to add the TITLE function here.


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