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New class problem in prestashop 1.4


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Hello All,
I have added a new class to classes folder. File name is Postal.php and class is PostalCore which is extended from ObjectModel . This class is working fine at admin side, but when i use it at front end like


This code is from authcontroller.
Then it gives me the message "Fatal error" . Note that this error occurs when i include class at just above it like

include './classes/Postal.php';

If i dont include the class like above then i get php error

"Fatal error: Class 'PostalCore' not found in H:\wamp\www\freshdirect\controllers\AuthController.php on line 65" .

I dont understand what is the issue.
Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you

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With the autoloader you don't have to specifically include the class at all, plus you can also just add your class to the overrides/classes directory directly (i.e. you don't have to create a "Core" version unless you absolutely need it to be overridden like the core classes are).

e.g. just create the file /overrides/classes/Postal.php

class Postal extends ObjectModel



And just use it without any includes etc.

If you feel that being able to override the class later would be useful, then you can create the following in /classes:

class PostalCore extends ObjectModel



But again, you should never need to use an "include" or "include_once" as the autoloader will find and include it for you :)


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