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Multilanguage - some product only in one language


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I don't have problem with translation.

I have problem, that some products I am selling in just one language. And if I create one product in my default language, Presta creates instantly mutation in other languages, but with content from default language.

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Ok, let's try this way.

Prestashop needs to have descriptions available in all languages, and if you don't insert it, PS assigned the same text to all languages. This you cannot avoid. And this is also good for the SEO.

Assuming you have 2 languages installed, EN and ES.

When you load the product description in EN, also ES gets the English text. Then you need to update (or import if you do from a file) the description in ES.

If for some product you have only in EN, when your browser is set for Spanish language, will see the description in "English".

If some products are only in Spanish, it will happen the same on the other way round

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