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  1. Thank you for info. This behavior I wanted to avoid. Because I wanted to have time to translate it. OK, I think I can live with that ­čÖé
  2. No problem, thank you .... Som eproducts are selled only in some languages, not every product in every language.
  3. I don't have problem with translation. I have problem, that some products I am selling in just one language. And if I create one product in my default language, Presta creates instantly mutation in other languages, but with content from default language.
  4. Hello, I am trying find an option to not show product in certain language. Is it possible? Or product always has to have all translations as whole eshop? Thank you
  5. Thank you, I am now in sitaution that I am trying search the module, which has this issue. I will write here result.
  6. I just tried fresh install, and there is no err 404 on homepage like this. So I tried on my eshop turn off module Pretty url, but err is there anyway.
  7. I change _PS_MODE_DEV_ to true. But after hiting again homepage with UTM, I can not see anything in log of apache or in presta errorlog.
  8. Hello, I am facing problem with my homepageon my Presta When I send a parameter to homepage, for example UTM parameters, eshop will show 404 error page. Can anyone help?
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