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500 error when trying to view any order or cart.


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Hi there

I hope someone can help!

I'm running PS1.6.1.24 on a cPanel server using PHP 7.0

I've been trying to clean out some of the old customers/orders from 10+ years ago and in doing so have obviously mucked something up.

Everything on the store works. The front end is fine and most of the back end is fine. However, any time I try and view an order or a cart, I get a 500 error. I have tried enabling error reporting by using the debug switch and by enabling the show errors in php.ini but neither give me anything - I still get a generic error page (not the Prestashop 500 one) that says "This Page is not working xxx is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP error 500"

The error logs in the site are almost empty. There are a few tiny errors relating to a problem with the front office, but nothing relating to this issue - nothing with a timestamp that's even close to when the error occurs!

I have also tried removing all the modules from the /modules folder and putting them in /modules.bak to check that it's not module related. It doesn't appear to be!


Thanks in advance!




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9 hours ago, Nickz said:

Have you enabled error reporting on your server?

Where do you host?

Yes, error reporting was turned on and debug mode too. Nothing showed.

I'm hosting on my own cPanel server.

There's obviously something funny going on since when I uploaded a copy of the entire website to another account on the cPanel server, it showed me the errors and claimed that GD library was missing. I've since added that to the standard site and everything works again.

So even though you didn't actually fix it, something made me look at the problem in a different way, so thank you!

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