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Prestashop needs to get its act together


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It seems that the most straightforward things in Prestashop dont work. Too many third party modules are needed to be purchased to make everything work which should be standard for an e-commerce application. Simple taxes without any modifications don't work with any combination of rules. Why they don't work out of the box is unknown. 

Simple expectation: Taxes should be applied according to the country where the product is to be shipped.

Actual Behaviour: A single tax for USA is applied to customers from all countries.

This is totally unacceptable, I think i made a mistake with prestashop. Should have used something else. 

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How did you set up your tax rules ?

From documentation 



You cannot directly apply a tax to a product; you can only apply tax rules. Therefore, you must first register all relevant taxes, then create a tax rule for that tax in order to specify the countries where the tax applies, and finally set the tax rule to the product.

So you should be able to add tax rule for each country you deliver to. All in one rule that is applied to all products.

Here is example of EU rule  http://nimb.ws/zLiHk7

Hope it helps.

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