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I’m looking for prestashop add-on have this feature.

In shop we got categories: Audi, VW, Opel, Tesla, Infinity, Mercedes, BMW.

Before login: Clients can only see CMS pages. Clients don’t have access to see products.

Registration: When client is registering, he have to choose his favorite categories. Example: he will choose Tesla, BMW.

After login: On main page client see products from categories which he chose in registration proces. So on main page he have products from categories Tesla, BMW.

Have you seen any add-on which can help me?

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Posted (edited)

Unless you don't care about SEO, i.e. shop indexing this is a 'very' bad idea.

Else you will want someone like presta4you.com to create a custom solution....

What you are looking for is 'onboarding', i.e. when they register then they run through an oboarding of what categories they are specifically interested in, working how how to display to them 'only' those categories is tricky...probably create a 'private group' of 'one' which is only associated  to those categories, edit caregory scroll to bottom.  But if you are expecting 1000's of these they may not be manageable.  It will be interesting to see how your theme will handle that...let alone menu system (they are pretty dumb)....

best advice, look at your competitors, do they have that feature?  do they have other features you do not have (get those)

good luck...

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